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 Post subject: Rules & guidelines - read before posting - NEW RULE 6/27/11
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:45 pm 
PSUPedia SysOp
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These are just some general pointers in response to a few threads people have posted, as we accept that some of the things we don't allow are not clear. This is by no means exhaustive (and we reserve the right to change it as necessary) but we trust people will use their heads a little and realize what is and isn't appropriate. Cheers.

In general
We operate largely on common sense and the belief that our users know where the line is, and to not cross it. That means no trolling (at least no BAD trolling), no excessive flaming, no spam or otherwise pointless topics outside of Off-topic - topics must serve some useful purpose (and telling everyone what rare you just found isn't useful, sorry).

Illegal/inappropriate material
No links to obviously inappropriate or illegal stuff, e.g. porn, piracy. Discussion of these is however fine, so long as no links are given to material. Swearing is ok, but use it sparingly. Dropping the F-bomb every other word isn't particularly funny or intelligent.

PSUPedia is neutral
No making topics advertising your guild, community group, player-run event or player matchup, or any items you are selling or looking to buy. PSUPedia is a neutral site based on objective information, we are not a hub for players to meet up (although a limited sense of community is inevitable). We suggest you try other sites such as the official boards and PSO-World, both of which have dedicated sections for trading and meeting other players. You are allowed to advertise such things in your forum signature, or on your wiki user page (or user talk page).

Creating a topic to link to another site is, however, fine if there's a good reason for it (e.g. linking to a news post on another site to create a topic for discussion).

We don't care if you do it, and discussion of the concept in general is fine, but no asking or posting information on glitches, hacks, cheats, ways to bypass a game's security, and programs that can be used to cheat, unless the game is strictly offline and has no online component. If you have information on a cheating method for PSU, send a ticket to Sega.

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 Post subject: Re: Rules & guidelines - read before posting - NEW RULE 6/27
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:11 pm 
PSUPedia Bureaucrat
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Ok, guys, we need to have a talk. A talk about posting etiquette. A talk about the English language. A fun talk.

Do not type like a lobotomized chimpanzee.

What this means
  1. You need to learn English. You don't need perfect grammar, but don't type a bunch of shit that is sloppy and hard to understand.
  2. You have a shift key on your keyboard. Use it.
  3. This is a forum. It is not an instant messaging program. You have time to look over your post before you submit it and correct mistakes you notice after submitting. It is expected that you will do so.
  4. Emoticons are disabled here for a reason. They are stupid. Use text emoticons at the risk of people thinking you are stupid. The same goes for retarded Internet catchphrases and memes.

Other things to keep in mind
  • Remember to read the rules listed above. Keep them all in mind.
  • As a reminder, no one here particularly cares about things like your birthday or how many runs it took you to find that hot new rare. If you wish to mention these things, that is fine, but do not make a new topic for only that reason. If you do wish to make a topic about your birthday, you may do so in the Off Topic subsection, but don't expect anyone to really care.
  • We hold our users to a higher standard than many other fora. This is because we like having a forum that isn't full of illegible pointless shitposts. Do try to appreciate this.

If any of this is unclear, feel free to contact me or another staff member for clarification. Thank you. This concludes the talk. Class dismissed.


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