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 Post subject: Attention 360 players! Help us localize these articles!
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:56 pm 
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Long story short... none of the PSUPedia staff play on the Xbox 360 servers, so in order for us to get accurate English localizations for the wiki, we need the help of the Xbox 360 community! For a list of all of the articles requiring attention, check out this link:
Category: Articles requiring localization

How can I help?
: Check out the link above to see which articles need attention. If you see an item in the list that you have, check the name and description to confirm that what is in-game matches exactly with what is on the wiki. If there are any differences, make the necessary changes to the article. Likewise with missions. Verify the name and descriptions and make any needed changes.

I don't know how to edit the wiki!
: That's OK. If you don't know how to edit or don't want to edit the wiki, post any information you can here and we'll take care of it. Also, feel free to post screenshots here if you don't feel like typing everything out.

Why does everything have to match between the game and the wiki?
: We just want the PSUPedia to be as up to date with the English version of the game as possible. While most people seem to have no problem going by the unofficial translations we create, it's simply nicer to have the site match the English version of the game since we are mainly used by the English community.

Any special rules to follow for updating these articles?
: Glad you asked!
* Verify that the item name (go by the name used when the item is in your inventory, not the name displayed in trade mission windows, as those have been known to be inconsistent with actual item names) matches the article name. If there is a discrepancy, move the article to the correct name or let us know here and we'll do it.
* The same thing applies with mission names. Use the mission names displayed at the mission counter when you are selecting a mission difficulty (if applicable).
* For item descriptions, simply type out the description exactly as it appears in-game. (Of course, you can ignore line breaks dues to the size of the item window. Only include line breaks if they are deliberate. If one is in question, let us know.)
* Mission descriptions work the same way. Use the text shown in the mission window where you select a mission difficulty.
* When updating item and mission descriptions, be sure to remove the parentheses that are around the temporary translations!
* Take note of any special capitalization or text colorization (descriptions only) used in-game.
* After you have verified that the name and descriptions used in an article match the in-game text, you may remove the {{Localize me}} template that appears at the top of an article. This will remove it from the list of articles to be updated.

What do I get for helping?
: The gratitude of the staff and community as a whole. Remember, the PSUPedia is a community-driven project, so without the community's help, there's only so far we can go!

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 Post subject: Re: Attention 360 players! Help us localize these articles!
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:13 pm 
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The list of things to localize is so small now :)


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